By 2024, startup investment into Southeast Asia is expected to reach $70B. With over a thousand companies raising venture capital money, there are limitless opportunities to start and grow business. However, the dynamic, language and culture difference within the region makes it challenging for technology companies to tackle another market.

Edaf Launch stands here to partner with companies from the early stage to think regionally and provide support and expertise in the markets to help navigate through our RBOTI service.


Pre-Launch service targeting to bring you up to speed about the market, competition and distribution strategy as quickly as possible. You will get a customized report and analysis from our team of entrepreneurs, experts, investors and practitioners.

We also provide a guided visit and pitch trip to the market(s) you are thinking of exploring. You will get to meet with your potential customers, partners and investors ahead to begin the discussion early. Our team will assist you to understand your business in the local context.


After initial research and visit, we will work with you and your team on getting the team up to speed as quickly as possible. We work with you as either country manager or operating advisor while continuing to help build the team so we can hand over the team back to you.


We believe in long-term success of our partners, so we not only take equity from the services but we will either directly invest or help you find the funding opportunities that can help fuel the companies. We want to see our clients as long-term business partners and co-founders of the local operations.


We typically work Series A and above startups and established companies with a strong focus on their digital initiatives. We’re currently helping a couple of companies to pilot their expansion. But if expanding to Indonesia, Thailand or Singapore is on your roadmap, drop us a note and we can start the conversation early!

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